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hellow i like making art stuff. i hope u like seeing me make the art stuff

cupperskates shades circuister
malaysian, 2003, they/xe
malay or engish ok!

my accounts

instagram (13+) - @bunnieya
art fight (13+) - bunnieya
music twitter (18+) - @bunnieya_
toyhouse (18+) - bunnieya
spotify (18+) - Shade's Circuitster

inactive accounts

sonic amino (13+) - bunnieya

art info


art: medibang paint, infinite painter
photo: inshot
video: vllo, capcut


samsung galaxy tablet s7, wacom one, iphone x

art status

commissions: not available
art trades, collabs, requests:
wait for announcements

*announcements are usually on individual posts on any of my socials

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Update Log

20/02/2023 - made an update log blehhh, made the art page, uploaded graphics into about page